Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

No matter the cost, if you aim for it and believe, you can definitely get to it. Ensure you get the job done by all means and at any cost.

Many people think success is all about inspiration. They go about seeking for motivation and inspiration, thinking that if only they are motivated and inspired, will they be successful? Yes, motivation creates an action due to it motive and inspiration create its inner spark, which in turn creates energy. Both motivation and inspiration are both needed and very important for success to take place.

  However, over the years I have learned a secret that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The “99% perspiration” part implies that success is hardwork, and you must be willing to really sweat it out. If course, you need to be inspired to create that spark, but it’s not just inspiration alone or that’s all there is.

  There are so many people who just believe in big talk. They talk big and achieve small. The big achievers are inspired and they really slog hard as if there is no tomorrow. So if you want to succeed, always remind yourself of this big success secret: ” success Is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”



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-scientia analysis

God over everything πŸ™


Real champions replicate result numerous times without any iota of failure or mistake, it is proof that they have gained MASTERY.

Success is not a one time achievement. People misunderstand what success is. Therefore, the secret “success means succeeding again and again” teaches us what success truly is.

   One time achievement can be a fluke; they can happen just by chance. But true success is achieving success again and again. You may succeed once and next you may fail. Eventually, if you let it become a habit, success will soon escape you.

  Remind yourself that success means succeeding again and again. Make success a habit! Build the habit of a successful person, learn the trick of the trade, and you too will be a success for sure. Know that you have to succeed, not just once but everytime or most of the time. Yes! Once you start succeeding, success will become a habit. That’s why they say, “Success is a habit…. So with failure!”


Hasta la Vista

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God over everything πŸ™

Stay productive and successful πŸ’ͺ


Wonderful to behold.

Have you ever thought, “what would happen if birds thought that they cannot fly?” You would have millions of bird on Earth, flapping their wings but staying on the ground. Yes, it is true that birds can fly because they think they can! Hence, young birds open their wings and they discover flight. They are up in the air, enjoying the breeze and the trees.

Why don’t we succeed at times? Because we don’t think that we can succeed and we don’t believe in the same. Most successful people started achieving success just because they thought they could. Start thinking “you can” now, it may take time,but you can!

  If birds can fly because they think they can, you too can succeed because you think you can! Open your wings, you too have the power to fly. Start thinking now that you can! Then, success will follow.


Bon voyage

Happy first working day of the week.

Stay productive

God over everything πŸ™

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-scientia analysis

Six sounds laws to work with this new month.

Β Β Β Β Β Β 
This law states that “if anything can possibly go wrong then it will be at the worst possible moment.”

  This law help to shun and embrace and principle of QUI SERA SERA (Anything that want to happen should happen). It is regarded as the MURPHYS LAW OR SOD LAW. But it’s opposite is known as the LAW OF SERENDIPITY.

   This law says, “the biggest problem at work is that no one will tell you what to do.”
  So learn to shun the dependence syndrome and be the best judge in the given situation.

This law says, “where you don’t have to make a decision,then don’t make a decision.”

  So go for indecision when needed. But remember,not taking a decision in certain circumstances or situation is also a decision.

   This law says, “If you put all your intelligence and information first at all times,then the money keeps coming.”

    Do acquire all the necessary knowledge and information that will control access to money and opportunities,but avoid opportunity explosions.


   It says, “if you can write down the problems clearly,then the problem is half solved.”

   All write out things/jot them down and be specific/intentional on the one to go against with first and foremost. It ease the tension and help makes a ready mind adequate to face the challenges at hand.


   It says, ” your thoughts are magnetic.whatever you think about, you attract. If you think of blessings, you attract blessings, if you think of curses, you also attract curses. “

  All think positive and have a positive and strong mindset in every situation. It saves you the stress of negative outcomes. Your mind is like an app, always and continuously keep updating it.

Sounds words indeed.

Happy new month everyone

Tetestalei πŸ™Œ

Bon voyage.

God over everything.

From one the great

-scientia analysis

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